“People will devote four years going to college to study French or Engineering. No one says, ‘I want to study inner peace for four years’.” (Kali Ray, founder of TriYoga.)

The parallels between yoga and therapy are many. Both train you to focus on yourself in the present moment. Both help strengthen the ability to observe your thoughts and feelings. Both train the body to experience new physiological states: relaxation, peacefulness, and maybe even bliss. (Yoga does this very effectively). Both enhance your ability to see other people’s stress and unhappiness as separate from yourself, and help you experience your own troubles and problems as separate from (albeit part of) “who you are”. In these ways and more, yoga and therapy compliment each other beautifully. In yoga, of course, you also gain physical strength. No number of years in the therapy chair will give you that!

Chronic back pain led me to the study of yoga. After trying many styles of yoga that did not appeal to me, I was fortunate to discover Kali Ray TriYoga (www.triyoga.com). I was astonished by this yoga’s power to help me live in the present moment, and to develop a sense of peace. It has also helped me conquer my back pain.

Currently I teach TriYoga in Sebastopol at Devi Yoga Center www.deviyogacenter.com. Soon I will be teaching in San Francisco. Watch for details.