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Common Problems That Can Lead to Divorce

A Professional Relationship Counselor Explains Why so Many Marriages Nowadays End up in Divorce

proven relationship counselorMore than 50% of marriages in the States end up in divorce. With such a high percentage, it is only normal to want to know what the most common problems are lead to such an outcome? Although each couple is different, some marital issues seem to cause more aggravation than others, for most married people. As a relationship counselor, I strongly suggest that you get familiar with these problems so that you know what to do and how to act when they occur in your family.


The number one reason for divorce nowadays is cheating. When one or both partners are cheating or have cheated, keeping the marriage alive can be a real struggle. In most cases, these couples end up with divorce. This is mainly because it is very difficult for a couple to restore trust when infidelity stands between them. However, there are couples who can work through infidelity. Going to therapy and working on marriage-related problems is the first step towards restoring the trust in a rather untrustworthy partner.


Different people have different definitions of dishonestly. Some individuals believe that neglecting to tell the truth (but not lying) is not a dishonest behavior. Other people, however, consider that anything but telling the truth is a lie. Some people think that marriage should be based on absolute trust, while others have more tolerance to the way facts are presented to them. However, once the trust between partners is broken or abused, it can be very difficult to get back on track. Visiting a marriageĀ counselor often helps in such situations.

If you feel that your marriage is heading in the wrong direction, then you should take action right away. The worst thing you can do such situations is wait for the conflict get solved by itself. Every marriage requires a boost every now and then, and one way to do it is to go to couples counseling. Sara Alexander MFT is one of the best counseling service providers in San Francisco, CA. Call us at (415) 606-5335 for more information.

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