“My actions are my only true belongings.” (Thich Nhat Hanh)


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Trust our marriage counseling and see the results yourself! No matter how well a couple may live, at some point, they will encounter difficulties in their relationship. In most cases, it is not the fault of anyone, rather than an event that has triggered the beginning of a long chain of conflicts. Are you looking for a qualified specialist that can help you? If you are, then Sara Alexander MFT is the place for you! Our office is located in San Francisco, CA where Sara Alexander will greet you with understanding and compassion. Whether you are looking for an individual therapist or a couples expert, she will help you! Sara Alexander MFT
Address: 3600 California St San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: (415) 606-5335

  What makes Sara Alexander MFT stand out from any other relationship counselor in the area is not only the successful results our specialist can provide you with, but also a variety of therapy sessions that are meant to extinguish any psychological issues. At our San Francisco, CA office, you will find clarity, peace, and understanding like you have never encountered before. Our qualified marriage counseling specialist is not here to provide judgment but help you with your own path. Do not miss the chance of feeling like yourself again! Since the establishment of the company in 1981, our marriage counselor has saved many relationships. Today, she continues to help those who feel like something is wrong with their emotional bond. We often advise couples not to discuss their relationship issues with friends, as biased opinions can cause more harm than good. If you wish for things to get better between you and your loved one, visit the practice of our qualified couples and individual counselor, and she will be more than happy to help you out! If you wish to find out more about our sessions, contact us today! The couples counselor that will help you at: (415) 606-5335

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My boyfriend and I reached a point in our relationship where we will not only argue about insignificant things, but we would try to prove each other wrong. ... Read More Reviews